Shop Small, Shop RE

Would you consider adding one of our stores into your holiday shopping? Restoration Emporium, (also at Parkplace in Leawood) and then there's our Martin City location, Charm. 


Maybe you aren't familiar with #smallbusinesssaturday, but it is a big deal for people like ours and also my friends who own store fronts. 


You see, it's a movement that really puts social media to work for small business. It reminds us all to shop local when we can. One of the facts that has stuck with me when reading our packets for this years event was this, every $100 spent on Small Business Saturday returns $68 back into our own communities. Wow.


RE now employees almost 12 people who live in Olathe, KCMO, Lawrence, OverlandPark, Leawood, and Benton. Then we have 55 other people from all over KS, and MO who provide goods for our stores. 


So you see, when you buy from us you buy from all of them. You help to pay for a single mom's rent, a retired adult's health care, young families who need a parent to still be at home with babies and young adults learning skills to someday take with them as they move onto bigger careers. 


So today (and tomorrow too) when you are out and about think creatively about what small business you can find whatever treasure it is you are looking for and see how good it makes you feel when they say "welcome to our store", because you helped make that dream real.