Post-Holiday Blues: Tip #1


One thing that tends to help greatly I believe is taking the word "cozy" and applying it to some rooms you want to focus on.

One thing I like to do after the holiday is to add texture to my bedding. I love flannel or plaid sheets. A fun throw pillow or a new blanket can make your bed feel happy and cozy. Watch for our new throws to arrive at RE this month designed by Joanna Gaines. A blanket ladder or basket in your living room helps to make a guest feel that they can grab a throw while sitting down for a visit. I love throw blankets and have noticed that I have collected quite a few over the years.

This picture by Better Homes and Gardens shows two ladders side by side. I love this look! Totally going to copy this look in my family room with some fun winter colored blankets (yeah, more blankets).

I hope these few ideas will inspire you to cozy-up a few rooms in your house this week as you fight off the post-holiday blues! More to come this week!