Hometown Pride

You guys, being a Kansas Citian has never felt so good. I can honestly say that I (in all my twenty-seven blessed years) have never felt the city be so alive!

Can I just be honest for a sec and admit that I caught the KC “blue bug” around July of 2014 when the boys in blue were catching fire for the first time in a LONNNNG time? Yeah, okay, don’t judge me. I am about as Kansas City proud as the next born and raised Kansas City twenty-something.


Who doesn’t want a little piece of that in their homes? I mean, come on, this is a great place to be proud of! Did you SEE the World Series parade? We’ve got a city to be PROUD of!


You will just love the KC themed “stuff” (for lack of a better word, sorry) that RE: has for you. If you are looking for something KC, handcrafted, and at a GREAT price...you can stop searching right now.

Until next time ya'll!