Pendant Lighting

At Restoration Emporium™ we spend a lot of time trying to find things that are unique, special, and different. We are constantly on the hunt for things that will enhance our customer homes and still be useful.

Jeff and I raised three kids of our own and chose to live in the same house for over 25 years now. Our house has been remodeled and repurposed more times then you can count! Currently we are in the empty-nester stage although we periodically have extra “roommates” for short stays. We understand better then anyone what living on a budget means. What drove us to thrift shopping and repurposing in the very beginning was our desire to have a stylish home on a budget. Pendant lightning is one such way to make big impact at an affordable price. Honestly the stuff that’s available now is amazing.

Most recently we did an open concept remodel on our family home. The picture below happens to be a smaller version of the one we hung in our entryway. This “box chandelier” is made from repurposed wood and then built around an antique or vintage chandelier.

This piece in our home has provided the perfect balance of elegance and rustic. Don't you just love it? 

One of the things I love about pendant lighting is that it is so versatile and it allows for anyone to put their own creative spin on its use in their home! I have included some pictures of some cool repurposed pendant lights available at RE currently. From repurposed, to brand new, we definitely have some great options to choose from if you are looking for that special touch.

If you are wanting to learn even more about lightning check out our Facebook events section for an upcoming "Electrical 101" class. This class teaches you the basics about rewiring your own light, AND...bonus you get to make a light and take it home!

Thanks for being so good to us at RE. We love what we do and we love seeing you make your homes happy.