Making a Magnolia Wreath

The little wreath everyone wants!

Image Courtesy of Magnolia Home

Image Courtesy of Magnolia Home

Over the past couple months we've been teaching ladies how to make a magnolia-inspired wreath boy have I learned several things along the way.

One: Making these wreaths isn't cheap! Now we know why they are $85-90 to purchase already done. If you choose to use the silk flowers in order to imitate the actual design of Joanna Gaines's wreath you need to know you are going to need a lot of stems. These stems alone can cost between $8-10 a piece for a good quality leaf. I've done the research and there aren't any real deals out there online so your local craft store is your best bet and watch for the next big sale!

For our classes we decided to use real magnolia leaves shipped out of Florida so we could cut cost and also be able to buy them in bulk. We like to keeping our class cost down so our attendees can come back often!

Here is our supply list:
-Straw wreath from Hobby Lobby
-Floral pins from Walmart
-Fresh cut leaves from

The wreath itself only takes about 30 minutes to make. It's a quick craft and one you could do in a group for more savings!

To make the wreath you will start on the outside of the straw wreath edges and work your way in toward the middle. Pushing each leaf into the wreath with a floral pin. We stuck our pins at the base of the leaf (to keep it from tearing). As you work towards the middle, I saved the smaller leaves for the insides and tried to use my larger leaves for the outsides.  I also flipped one up every so often to give the color of the back as Joanna's wreath has in its design.

The wreaths dry nice. They lighten as they dry and get a little wave to them. I am going to use mine on a screened in porch. I like dried flowers and this one looks pretty amazing when dry. You can fine several recipes for spray preservation on Pinterest! 

If you buy silk flowers you can use this same technique for the silk flowers and you will get a pretty good copy of the wreath from the Waco store, Magnolia Market. 

If you would like just come make one and not worry about all the directions above!! Then head over to Facebook or follow this link to sign up for one of our upcoming classes!