Headboard Lovin' by Mindfully Gray

This blog was written by our friend Jamie at Mindfully Gray about her new Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines headboard!

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Photo by Mindfully Gray

Photo by Mindfully Gray

It’s been a LONG time coming, friends but we FINALLY got a headboard in our master bedroom!  I had been eyeing the Magnolia passage headboard from Restoration Emporium for quite some time. It’s simple, classic, and HUGE. I was looking for a headboard that would take up the entire wall – I did not want to have to find another piece to put above the headboard. This headboard accomplishes just that!

It was easy to put together – Well, it was easy for Brett to put together. I absolutely love the way it looks with our custom wedding vow signs by Free Bird Coop. The only negative, when we took it out of the box it smelt a little like moth balls. ‍Weird “negative” (if you consider that a negative), I know but it’s the truth! It went away after a couple days but it did have a slight moth ball smell initially (just being honest).

At the end of the day – It’s exactly what I was hoping for and was a reasonable price! I am so pleased with the end result.

Our bedroom now feels like a MASTER bedroom! This room is not quite finished but we are one (huge) step closer. I will definitely share the end result with y’all when the time comes!

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