Get Out of Your Summer Slump

Are you hot and tired? This time of the year, we tend to see a lot of folks feeling tired, hot and just unmotivated. I like to kick myself out of this funk by starting a project. 

Normally it's not a BIG project. Sometimes it's just finding some new linens for my bed, cleaning out a closet or as simple as buying a new candle or a rearranging some shelf decor. 

Photo by Magnolia Market

Photo by Magnolia Market

Projects don't have to be huge to make you feel better or motivated. Sometimes they can even start by accident like cleaning a closet or bathroom!

Photo by  Magnolia Market

We are getting ready to launch some new summer classes. If you've never taken one you need to come! We have three locations that we offer classes for you. Our Leawood location at Park Place, our West Bottoms and flagship location, and of course our newest location on the Country Club Plaza. 

Make sure you are following us on Instagram and Facebook if you aren't already! Come see us at one of our locations this week and let us help you start that next project!