Plaza Art Fair 2018

We were so lucky to be able to celebrate the Plaza Art Fair this past Friday night with the Kansas City Influencers! The Country Club Plaza Art Fair is one of our favorite events of the year. We are always so excited to open our doors to friends from all over the place and celebrate outstanding local and national artist. This three-day event is full of artwork, music, and yummy food. What better way to celebrate than gathering our influential friends from around KC and welcome them into our Plaza location.

The inspiration and goal of the party were to unite people in Kansas City that are working to promote and bring recognition to the wonderful designers that we know and love. All the beautiful people that attended quickly become our friends. We are so excited to see that KC is genuinely becoming a place that supports locals and wants to see everyone be successful dreams!


The night was co-hosted with one of Kansas Cities finest Josh Montes, or known in some circles as 1dapperlatino. We have loved getting to know Josh since moving to the Plaza, connecting him with other KC locals when he has been working and designing in various design jobs. Josh has a miraculous eye for design and never disappoints when it comes to documenting his life on Instagram. On top of being talented, he is an outstanding human being. Intentional about knowing people and always making sure that he supports them online or in real life. We are honored that Josh and all of his friends were able to attend.


One of our all-time favorite restaurants Rye KC catered in some delicious hors d'oeuvre from their location just down the street from us here on the Plaza. We love getting to be near them and eat there whenever we can. If you haven’t checked out their new restaurant yet be sure to stop in sometime! The husband and wife duo never fail to impress. Don’t forget to pay attention to the chic design of the place.

If you haven’t stopped in to see Lindsey at KC Wineworks, then we honestly want to say you are missing out. Lindsey is our go-to girl when throwing a party anywhere! Not only is the Kansas City made wine genuinely delicious, but she is also the funniest person to talk to. She presents you with some knowledge when tasting the wine and you walk away feeling like you just made a new best friend. This contagious attitude is carried into their location in the Crossroads as well. You feel right at home and want to hang out there with all your friends. You must go do a tasting with Lindsey next time you are in the Crossroads for a First Friday weekend.

P.S. We can’t wait to hang out with you more when we are in our Crossroads location, Lindsey!


These custom cookies tasted as amazing as they looked! We reached out to Cami, from Cami’s Cake Co, on the Tuesday of the event and she had the gorgeous hand-iced cookies by Friday. If you have any parties coming up recently, I recommend check out Cami and ordering some of these delicious shortbread yummies. She can work with you to make a unique design that is personal to your event or party. We loved getting to chow down on her cookies that ended up being their own artwork!