Why are We Scared of Color?

Do you feel like you have been on the neutral train for far too long? Sometimes I feel like we get so stuck in the white in greys in our homes that we forget at the joys that come with adding color back into your living space. That’s why I decided it’s time for me to announce that I will no longer be afraid of color. Some of you might think I am dramatic, and you are 100% correct, but that doesn’t that I can’t share my spectacular self with you. So buckle up ladies and gentlemen, we are going to learn what colors to use in your home, how to add them during this season of life, and how they’ll make your space a better place.

Why Green

Fun fact for all of my online friends out there, green is my very favorite color to use when decorating. I am not sure why the color brings my heart so much joy, but it honestly does. My first rule of home decorating is: if it makes you happy (cue me singing Sheryl Crow) then you know it’s right for you. Since green makes me happy, I have found ways to make green apart of my design style. Second fun fact about green, it is a neutral! Pick your jaws up from the ground I know this is crazy to hear, but green can be and should be added to any space because it has a natural earthy coloring.

How to Green

green accent.jpg

Now we must find ways to add green into your space. Baby steps can start with just adding in either faux or real plants. Plants are cheap by the way, primarily if you can work to keep them alive. I’m not saying go out and buy a fiddly fig tree unless you want to I support that decision entirely, but small touches of life that you can add into your shelves or tables will make an immediate impact on bringing a “lively” color back into your space.

If you are looking for a bold touch of green, I will suggest going with an entryway table or desk. Coloring for me is super important. While I do love the color, I’m not a fan of bright neon green. Don’t go with the first thing you see. Take your time, shop around vintage and antique stores, until you find a beauty like this that will change the space right away. 

Why Blue

I feel like I don’t even have to plead the case on blue. I am not sure if it’s because I live in landlocked Kansas City or if I desire to swim every day but blue reminds me of the joys of being near water. Water is needed to exist so. Therefore, blue is is necessary for our spaces to tell us every day we can connect to water in some way. Blue looks good with any other color, it’s extra special like that, and has so many different gorgeous shades so it can exist in a darker masculine space or a lighter feminine home. 

blue accent.jpg

How to Blue 

If I want to add blue to my home, I am going to start with a set of three blue vases. Blue glass is gorgeous because it still has an open look to it, but it can hold florals as well. Accents that can fill your built-ins around the fireplace or TV are always super helpful when wanting to get that sweet color popping into your rooms. Add some extra love by combining blue vintage books and vases to obtain an additional monochromatic eyepiece. 

blue accent 2.jpg

My choice for a bold touch of blue has to be artwork. Maybe it is because all of the artwork in my bedroom has contacts of water or the sky but let me say there is something about having blue in your room that brings lots of rest and peace. The blue artwork is beautiful because if you have those more neutral colored walls, it will jump off the background, but also blend in with what you are already doing. I usually go with paintings of bodies of water or recreations of older pictures that lean towards a blue hue. The main thing that I have learned about the artwork is not to be afraid to invest and always listen to how your heart feels when you see it. Before design comes into play, do you love the piece you are buying? Don’t forget that you are the one looking at it every single day, so it is crucial that it inspires you to be a happy person.

Why Pink

Pink has always been one of my favorite colors. I feel like with age my love for pink has adapted and changes with shades but when it comes down to it my love for the color pink is vast. If you have been paying attention to the trends this season, you will have noticed that pink is coming in hot to the design world! Don’t be scared of the rose color because if you use it correctly, it will brighten your rooms and bring in a very romantic modern look that you might currently be missing.

How to Pink

Now many are scared of pink, and I honestly understand. For so long decorating with the color pink has been reserved for baby and kids rooms. Don’t let the free of decorating with pink keep you from being trendy though. That is why I say you start small when bringing the pink hues into your house. Start with a simple pillow. Maybe it has a great texture or a unique pattern. Stick close to something that you already have in that room, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. This a marathon, not a race mindset that we are taking on. My encouragement is that if you decide a couple of weeks in that the pink decor life isn't for you, gift the pillow to a sweet young girl in her life. It will make her week, and you don’t have to deal with the guilt of now hating pink! 

pink bold.jpg

If you are anything like my grandma, a simple pink pillow will lead to a pink couch and red rug too! Now there are no guarantees that you will have the romantic monochromatic living room in months but if you have no fears when it comes to color then you probably already have this next item picked out in your head. That’s right my go big or go home pink pick is the velvet accent chair. You cannot go wrong with velvet chair, and I give you all the bonus points for choosing pink. Not only are they completely on trend, but their fabric is also some of the softest in the game. Pink accent chairs hold a huge part of my heart, and I tip my hat to anyone that is adding them into their homes.

The moral of the story is this, don’t run away from color just because everyone else is doing. If you have a heart that leaps when it sees bright colors in their home, then be sure to feed that part of your soul. You are the curator of your own home so go out there today and find your personality in the home decor you choose!