Magnolia Home Products for Greenery

Green is everywhere this season. At Restoration Emporium, you can find succulents and greenery at every turn to give some life to your home. Not only can you find greenery but you can also find pots, jars and planters to keep your plants in (or fake plants if you don’t have a green thumb like me).

But in our Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines showroom you can find unique items to plant in or place your greenery in. These are perfect for anyone obsessed with Joanna Gaines or trying to achieve that farmhouse look!

Magnolia Home Gathering Pans

These pans come in two different sizes, so you can choose one that will fit your home and your greenery perfectly. Or you can use both to get some depth and dimension to your shelf, table or windowsill.

Magnolia Home Sugar Molds

This item is my favorite Magnolia Home product because you can do so much with it and putting your greenery in it is just one way to use it. With two different colors to choose from and smaller openings, these sugar molds are great for smaller succulents. And you can choose from a white or black mold, whichever matches your own home better.

Magnolia Home Railcar Letterbox

I love the idea of using this letterbox for your greenery because it’s probably not the first thing you think to use it for! Since this is taller than the other Magnolia Home items it can be used for taller flowers and greenery.

Magnolia Home Rain Gauge

Since this Magnolia Home rain gauge is glass and you can see into it, I used it for fake flowers instead of planting something because I didn’t want to see the dirt in the rain gauge. Also, like I said I don’t have a green thumb, so any real flowers in there would not last long. But that is a personal preference of mine and since it’s your home you can do whatever you like!

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