What's With Wicker?

If you are like me and spending many hours on Instagram watching all of the new trends that are happening this season you might have picked up on that fact that wicker is making a rapid comeback. Now you might also be reading this thinking, “What the heck, wicker was never gone you crazy girl.” Yes, you are correct in a sense but what I have noticed this season is wicker isn’t just making its way to your house via a cute basket anymore. Wicker is here in the form of much more this year. Let me be the first to say, “I totally LOVE it.”


Here are my favorite wicker items that I found while at the RE Plaza store this past week. All of these items are for sale and many of them can be ordered so if you love them as much as I do then don’t be afraid to hit up the store in person or through all of our media sources.

The NEW Wicker Basket: 

I feel that many people see these baskets, totally love them, have no idea how to use them in their home, and then just walk away. No more walking away from the baskets that we love in this world! These boho vibe baskets have many uses and I want to affirm that they are a must-have in any space. I imagine using this in a kids room to adorably hide the unwanted messes that all moms are trying to rid their homes of. I can see it in a dorm room for holding all of the snacks you don’t want your roommates or friends to find. They are perfect under coffee tables for extra seasonal blankets and pillows. Also, can I just add that if you have a newborn that this basket would be perfect for baby photos. Okay, that one is a little rarer but I kinda need someone to do it now.

The OLD Wicker Basket:

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Many of us already have a variety of these already in our homes just holding the things we want no one to see. Me personally I think I own the world’s largest wicker basket that holds my overflowing shoe collection. Recently I found this beautiful basket that is pictured for a window display at our store and I loved how it had been revived from its original state. This is a quick and easy way to take something older that you already have in your home and bring it back into the current times. All you need is some white paint, a paint brush, a wicker basket, and if you are OCD like me probably some painters tape. This cutie basket that I purchased gave me the inspiration to not just give up on the things in my space that could be considered “dated”.

The Wicker Placemat:

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These are one of my absolute favorite things that we currently carry in our store. They make me happy because I could imagine myself using these in every single season of the year for my table. They go with any color table, trust me I have seen it on every color, and they will go with any plate that you already own or are yet to own. I love pairing them with a neutral white plate and a wooden accent plate-like displayed here. It makes my natural heart sing and just wants to attend whatever event has these place settings. These are available in-stores and online. Don’t wait, they will sell quickly because they are priced so low!

The Wicker Furniture:


Until this point, you might have been keeping up with me and been totally okay with what I am saying, but I feel as though many people wince when I say, “I LOVE wicker furniture.” But it’s true. I love wicker furniture. I am not just talking about the cute wicker chair that you put out on the back porch. Wicker furniture is make a huge impact on what is popular this year. Side tables, ottomans, and bar stools are just a few cool options that you can entertain when thinking of adding this trend into your life. The best part about a wicker furniture piece? IT IS NEUTRAL! That’s right. Any one of you could add this to your home today because it has the texture of wood and it won’t go against any color theme that you currently have in your home. If you are someone that is trying to move away from the classic farmhouse look and into the new boho feel, this is your step. Maybe I really am crazy, but I feel that wicker furniture is your next step. Let’s all jump into it together!

Wicker might not be my first love, but it is my current love. It amazes me how it works in every space. It doesn’t have to be tan color that I have displayed for you today, even though that might be my favorite. Wicker can even be classed up and have a sleek black look. It is all over the place waiting for you to find the perfect space for it within your own home. Share with me where you plan to add the wicker into your own space and favorite places to shop for it!