How To Grow Your Own Herb Garden Starting From Seeds

Originally posted by Sarah Antin at Garden Style. Just in time for spring gardening!

Starting an Herb Garden may seem really intimidating, but can be easy and fun! Below I will show how to start from seeds and how fun it can really be! 


Here is everything that you will need:

  • Potting soil specifically blended for starting seedlings
  • Seedling heat mat
  • Dayspot grow light kit
  • Seedling cells tray
  • Spray bottle for spritzing seedling cells
  • Low concentrate fertilizer
    • Dilute fertilizer recommendation by half

OR if you would like do it on a is a list of alternative things you can use!

  • Potting mix specifically blended for starting seedlings
  • Lamp or spotlight with ability to adjust height 
  • Grow bulb or fluorescent 
  • Egg carton
  • Plastic wrap
  • Spray bottle for spritzing seedlings
  • Low concentrate fertilizer
    • Dilute fertilizer recommendation by half

To start simply add water to a small amount of the seedling potting soil. Don't add too much. Just add enough to where you can form into a shape. This will allow the seedlings to germinate without drowning or getting too mushy. 

Gently drop the soil into the seedling cells. Do not smash it into the cell as it could prolong germination. Then you are ready to place your seeds. I like to use something white to place my seeds on so that they are easier to see and keep track of. Use tweezers to grab one seed at a time. Simply place three seeds in each cell right on top of the soil. The reason you place three each is you most likely will only have on germinate per cell, but not always! 

Next, you want to spritz the half water - half fertilizer solution over the cells. This will give the seedlings the nice jump start they need for germination. 

Then place the cells back into the tray with your soil and seedlings in them. By covering the tray you are trapping the moisture to start the germination process. 

Now you always want to put your seedlings in a dark area with very little to no sunlight until they are germinated. I like to place mine on top of my fridge where there is little light and the heat from the fridge will speed up the germination process tremendously! If you don't have a fridge in a dark area like I do, you can always buy a seedling heat mat from your local nursery or hardware store. I promise you will be amazed how fast your seeds germinate on top of a heated surface, they will sprout in half the time!

Once your seedlings have germinated, you will need to prune out the two weakest to produce the best plant. As sad as this is, you want to pluck these out to make room for the roots of the stronger ones. This will ensure your stronger seeds have plenty of room to grow without the weaker roots getting in the way. 

One of my other secrets is that I like to place a fan on the lowest setting to gently blow over the sprouts. Doing this will train them to be more wind resistant once they are big enough to be placed outside. And Ozzy loves to photobomb!

With a little tender love and care, combined with some patience you will be on your way to having your own herb garden in no time. The happiness you will get from watching your little seed babies grow is so rewarding. I like to place mine on a mesh tray that makes watering time so much easier so that your herbs are not sitting in water. I got mine from Restoration Emporium. They do not like to sit in water! Plants that sit in water will drown and die in no time. 

I like to place all of mine on a tray in my kitchen for when I need them when I'm cooking or when I need to carry them if we are cooking outside. 


I love it...I hope you love it too!