Kansas City Pride

There are so many articles these days on the Pride in KC or why it’s such a great place to live. Recently while in Las Vegas, my driver asked me the very question, “Every time I meet someone from KC they are so proud to live there… what is it that makes KC so great?” My response was quick but later I thought, “Do you have an hour?”

We love living here. We have raised all our kids here and wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything. The City, the shopping, the food, and the pride, all of it has made us who we are today, “Kansas Citians.”

Part of the reason for dedicating our first RE:Crate to the theme of KC is our love of the city and the timing for so many college kids who may be leaving to go live elsewhere for the time being. Obviously, this is not the only reason to own the crate, but it is a great idea for a gift to be sent in a few weeks to remind them who loves them!

We are so fortunate to have the best vendors at RE and they are always ready to work with us on most any project when it comes to creating and doing new things. Our staff worked very hard on these ideas and designs. The vendors who collaborated with us are:

We hope you’re loving the idea of RE:Creating your home with a RE:Crate. Stay tuned as we launch more crates in the next few months.

We would love to see pictures of those of you who have received your crate! Please consider sharing them with us on Instagram at @remporium and tagging #recrate.

The RE:Crate does have one more ship date! If you're interested you can click here to order the KC PRIDE RE:Crate.

All the best,