The Giving Keys

One of our passions at RE is to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

The Giving Keys, Dainty Necklace    Image from: The Giving Keys webpage,

The Giving Keys, Dainty Necklace

Image from: The Giving Keys webpage,

We love working with and being a part of organizations and businesses whose vision is to better our world in some way or form. We have amazing products, like our Saphan line, that benefit the lives of the men and women who create them in Thailand. Products like the LQVE line are making an impact on the people in the refugee camps and the community of Cascade Pichon in Haiti. We even have employees who have been so privileged to go there and see first hand the work being done because of these products. 

We are now honored to introduce to you our newest line called The Giving Keys. 

I am SO excited about these keys. I was first introduced to them on my last trip to Waco to attend the VIP "Silobration" event with Fixer Upper's, Chip & Joanna Gaines.

On the way down we stopped in Oklahoma at a few places, and I stumbled upon these keys in the back of a store, sitting all alone.

The first key I touched was “breathe”. You see, each key has a unique word on it. It allows the keys to have different meanings for different wearers. I knew my daughter needed this one. As soon as I touched it, I felt connected to her and the key. I bought it.

What's better is when we arrived in Waco and I was at the event I saw the keys again. Joanna’s sister and niece where standing next to them and talking to people about them and how they are part of the Magnolia retail line.

The Giving Keys    Image from: The Giving Keys webpage,

The Giving Keys

Image from: The Giving Keys webpage,

When we returned to KC, I began the process of approval to have the keys at RE. Each key is handmade so the process takes several months. Our keys arrived a couple of weeks ago and they are stunning. 

The mission of the key is to wear it awhile and when you find someone who needs it more, to pass it on. Their tagline is even "a pay it forward company." I am wearing one now that is reminding me to pray. Pray over many decisions and people each day.

I cannot wait to share this beautiful new line with you. I hope they will mean as much to some of you as they have to me. Come see us this weekend at First Friday's and let me show you “The Giving Keys”.