"Bye Bye Baby...Blue- Part 2" by Rooted KC

Wow y’all- it’s been way too long since my last post! I hoped to show you our master bathroom renovation months ago but we’ve been busy….and we’d like to thank you all for that!

Now let’s get down to the good stuff. Before, our master bathroom had carpet everywhere, even up the side of the bathtub. The walls were covered in busy, blue, floral wallpaper. The sinks were baby pink and coordinated perfectly with the floral knobs on the cabinet doors. My least favorite thing about the before bathroom was that absolutely nothing worked! That’s right, no sinks, tub, or shower worked which means we had to haul our things upstairs to the guest room to shower. If you missed part one, let me catch you up to speed https://www.rootedkc.com/blog/bye-bye-baby-blue/  

We hope you enjoy this personal renovation of ours, especially the before and after at the end!

Thank you to KC’s Restoration Emporium for the Magnolia paint we used to paint the vanity. We chose the color silver strand and LOVED it! Restoration Emporium has 3 locations that sell the wonderful Magnolia paint so be sure to look them up!


This blog was originally posted by our friends at Rooted Kansas City on their blog.