The Magic of Real Estate Staging

Originally posted by Lanie from Rooted KC.

Staging is something we think about from the moment we purchase a house. It’s actually how we decide on an ideal floor plan. Once clutter has been removed and walls are torn down, we spend a few hours sitting in different rooms of the house. For us, that time is sacred. It’s when we explore perspectives by asking ourselves, “how would we use this space if we lived here?”

Our Process and Restoration Emporium

We are thankful to have partnered with Kansas City’s very own Restoration Emporium (RE). They’re a family run business with loads of talent! Aside from sending tons of photos of each home, its light fixtures and tiles, we also have a few meetings in the home. I walk them through each room mid construction and tell them my thoughts for staging. We also guide them through the “sizzle” features which we want staging to highlight after renovations.

From there we create inspiration boards, measure the spaces and start the ordering process. I absolutely love receiving text messages from owner, Chrysalyn, and daughter, (aka right hand woman) Annie, with pieces they are ordering special for our house. They work hard to highlight the best features of our houses while making sure the furniture fits the Rooted KC brand.

The Importance of Staging

Now, for a moment, imagine you’re a buyer. You walk to the front door of your dream home, and on the outside, it looks great. There’s a white picket fence and some lovely bushes. Then you open the front door, and to your surprise, the house is empty.

Once the buyer’s feet are over the threshold, they have officially entered a new world. Though not yet their own, the property is a possibility to all that could be theirs. Strategically placing decor and furniture (and candles for ambiance) in a ‘for sale’ property defines two things for a neutral buyer: how the space can be used and the experience that awaits them. When buyers become familiar with the house at its fullest potential – after it’s made into a home – we’ve created a reality more valuable than they can imagine on their own.

Achieving Balance with Placement and Design

That being said, it’s crucial to place furniture and decor in a way that enhances the space. Real estate staging should flatter the environment without overcrowding it. For example, the space of a large formal dining room can be showcased with an appropriate solo dining set. Whereas unnecessary furniture, like a hutch, will draw attention to itself and detract from the space.

A close second to furniture and decor arrangement is the style we choose for the property. We aim to achieve a look to complements its features. For example, if the home is modern, a contemporary style will suit the space well. However, if it is an old colonial home, a more aged theme, such as “cottage”, may be in order.

Real Estate Staging is an Art

Brent and I are incredibly thankful for the talent and knowledge at RE. They bring in pieces best suited for each property to create memorable walk-throughs. The best part about RE’s staging is that all pieces in our houses are for sale. In fact, several of our home buyers have purchased multiple pieces because they fit the home just right!

So, our advice to you….before putting that ‘For Sale’ sign on a property’s front lawn, make sure the inside is filled with an experience, not blank space or furniture. Catch Restoration Emporium on Instagram or Facebook for fresh furniture inspiration and for sale items. Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook and Instagram for great stages by RE.