Take the Crown (Again)

A lot of people have been asking us just why we entered the 2016 Microsoft Small Business Contest. Well here it is; Ever since we opened our doors four years ago we have been blessed with more exponential growth than we could have ever imagined. Because of the incredible support of our customers and the hard work of our partners our "little store" quickly expanded into the RE: that we all know and love today.

While this rapid expansion has been a blessing to our RE: family it hasn't always been easy (its usually been quite the opposite honestly). Just like with any growth there have been some "growing pains" and for us one of our biggest struggles has been keeping up with the technology needs here at RE:

We hope to use this money and equipment to make improvements to bring something bigger and better to KC. -Jeff Huff, Owner

Although KC is leading the way in many facets of expanding and maximizing technology to grow businesses, we are in an area that doesn't have the infrastructure to support our growing needs. We hope that by winning this contest we will have the ability to address these issues affecting us and many other businesses in the historic West Bottoms.

The exposure and credibility associated with being a finalist in a national contest by a Fortune 500 company like Microsoft already makes us a winner in our mind and no matter what the results are we feel extremely grateful and honored for the support we have received from each and every one of you.

Our son Josh said it best:

When Kansas City gets behind something they really get behind it and make it happen. -Josh Huff, Business Development Manager

We are working hard & hoping to bring another WIN to CROWN TOWN.

-Chrysalyn Huff