The Crossroads Story


Many have been asking many questions about our new location in the Crossroads and why we are leaving the West Bottoms, so we figured why not give you all the information in our blog! What you may or may not know is that it was not our choice to leave. We love our wonderful space and thie area where our business started.

While our intention wasn’t to leave the West Bottoms, our building was sold this past summer and our options for staying in the area were not feasible for our business. Although our heart is significant for the WB, it felt like we had been given a closed door, and the challenge to find an open door else-where.

Here begins the journey to finding our new space that we now refer to as our “flagship store.” Jeff and Chrysy had been visiting buildings all around Kansas City with a strict checklist of “five things” they needed in a new space. Each of the spaces they saw were amazing, but without fail they always missed one of the things on their checklist. You know what it’s like when you start to feel one no after another? Thats what was starting to happen to them in their search. Out of the blue one day, I got a call that they’d found a place and wanted us all to see it quickly. So I went to tour the building they were hopeful about. The building inside needed a lot of work.. I could tell we’d have to tear everything out and start over. I was excited to see the space we were looking at and start to dream….I’m a creative I can’t help it!

There she was this old office space straight out the 70’s that was practically begging us to bring it back to it’s original state. The vision of the store immediately began to take shape in all of our minds. I could see this as I looked back and forth at my parent's faces. I saw them begin to imagine the a space they wanted within the old walls around them. At one point as we walked to the space now the KCFC workshop, I grabbed my mom’s arm because all at once I realized that this building we were in checked off all five items on the list. The experience was spiritual walking into it the first before it became our new store. It was the blessing we were longing for and a promise completed.


As a family, we are so emotionally (and physically) attached to this space. Our dream was for it to be a building that you would dream, create, and come to restore your homes. That is why we are moving towards custom furniture that is made just for you so that you know it is something that you will want forever! Our vision has come to life, and our greatest desire is that your imagination will get the same attention within the wall of this building we created just for you.


Our pillars are all still there: refinish, renew, restore, re-purpose. We are still keeping our amazing local vendors, mixing them in with our favorite handmade furniture makers, and bringing in new market goods that'll accent your homes. We got to take our vision from the Country Club Plaza store, combine it with who we already had at the West Bottoms, and that it is how we created the final look for the Crossroads store! The moral of the whole story is this; you never know what is going to happen with any situation. We can only hope that it becomes a space that is about something greater than just us. It is sincere in our hearts that this store will bring prosperity to our vendors and happiness to your homes. We as a family have so many fabulous memories in the West Bottoms. We are overwhelmed with excitement to see all of the new, surprising, memories made in the Crossroads. Thank you for following along on this journey that we have taken for the past seven years! We can't wait to see what's next.

Annie Huff

RE Crossroads Location

1717 Washington St KCMO

Tuesday - Saturday 

10 AM - 4  PM