September Must Haves!

Each month I like to look at the news trends for that season and see what’s happening in the world of design. I’m not sure if it’s because I just got my paycheck or because I am in the mood to spend money, but the first of the month becomes a time that I am willing to invest in buy some new things. So today I have a list of my personal September Must Haves!

A New Accent Pillow (or two)

Pillows 2[7094].jpg

One of the things that I love about working at RE is getting to see all of the fantastic new pillows that arrive. All of the bedding and accent pillows that we carry at the store are new so don’t ever think that you are getting a used item. These new blue Aztec pillows came in the other day, and I immediately fell in love. They are down-filled perfect for karate chopping into the shape that you want for your home. In my bedroom have navy blue and white bedding, so at first glance, this gem stood out as something that I needed to weave into my space. Pillows have a way of instantly refreshing any area. If you are struggling with a specific couch, chair or bed hit us up! Let us help you pick out a new pillow that will simultaneously bring life, comfort, and personality to your space!

Neutral Florals

Florals 3[7092].jpg

Going into new seasons and holidays sometimes it feels that a healthy break could be useful before just jumping into the next season. That’s why for September picking out some neutral florals that are still totally beautiful is the right step for me. Instead of just running into all the fall decor while it is still crazy hot outside, I want to wait until there is only excitement for the seasons' change. Picking out these florals always sets me up to be able to add in some yummy wheat and leaves accents that will instantly turn this into a fall bouquet. For now, though, we go neutral while waiting for it to become socially acceptable to wear my chunky sweaters out into public.

Red Rugs

Red Rugs 1[7095].jpg

Have you seen beautiful accent rugs all over your feed recently? Because me too, and I am all about it. I feel that the only thing that my white and blue room is currently missing is this wonderfully yummy rectangle of a rug. The idea that I love about the color red is that it makes a statement wherever it goes. Seeing as many of us have latched onto a neutral color pallet for our homes more recently adding a touch of red into your spaces will create a fun added twist to your floors as the seasons begin to change. The thing I love about buying rugs at RE is that you can “check-out” a carpet square for $20, take it home, see it in your space, and decide if its the one you want before even ordering the right size. There is something about having the affirmation when purchasing that this rug is the perfect option for my room without having to play the guessing game. If you need a new pop of color, make sure to stop in this week, our employees are so helpful when it comes to deciding on the best one for you.

Funny Gift Candles

Candles 2[7093].jpg

If I am honest with you, these are supposed to be candles that you give away as gifts but I selfishly really want one for myself. These humorous gifts are not only darling, but they surprised me at how great they smelled. There is nothing like a witty gift when going to spend time with your gal-pals. Something that every time they look at it it reminds them of how much they laugh when they are with you. If you are in the store at all this month, be sure that you take the time to read through this new candle line. I am sure that you will find one that not only makes you laugh but smells fantastic!

September can be one of those weird months that is super busy with the reality of school starting again, sports getting busy, and life just taking a new form of its own. For me taking some time to find things that I like and make me happy give me some peace and comfort. Take a day to yourself this month and think about something that you would love to add to your space and come to visit us! We love hearing that you are taking a day to yourself and spending part of that time with us.