Basket Case

This past summer, when working with Tamara Day on her new show Bargain Mansions, Tamara decided she wanted me to create a basket wall for one of her amazing homes. 

Photo Courtesy of Growing Days

This began my hunt for some really unique and stylish flat wicker baskets. I wanted to find some that had the colors and look of Native American style. The hunt wasn't easy and some of the really old ones were really expensive, but in the end, I found the baskets for our wall from various antique shops in Kansas City, our own store, and World Market. 

To decide on how we'd display them we laid them out on the floor and then measured the distance across and determined where our middle to use as the starting point.


The trick to hanging them was using small finishing nails or monkey hooks so you didn't see the hardware through the baskets. Some of them needed a second hook at the bottom to keep them from twisting. 

Photo Courtesy of Growing Days

The finished project was pretty awesome and probably one of my favorite parts of the house we staged. You can see all the various sizes and textures working together to create an amazing art install. 

Recently we found this line of baskets that we now have available at RE. They are super easy to hang and add so much fun to your walls. All of these are available now online at REmporium.