Hanging Print Inspired by Joanna Gaines

So this Mother's Day we were inspired by Joanna Gaines (as usual) to do something creative and beautiful for gifts. Recently she posted a blog about making these adorable hanging prints 

Photo from Magnolia Market Blog

Photo from Magnolia Market Blog

So we made some plus came up with some other ways to DIY hanging art in case you don't have the time or resources for this craft. 

On a recent shopping trip to IKEA we found these flat pant hangers. I can't tell you how many of these I gave away years ago! Anyway, one trend that is popping up is using these to display art and other items. So, of course, being the thrifty girl I am I grabbed some.

I really want some color in my office and I felt this was a way I could do that without making an expensive commitment and could be changed often!

I was working at our RE Park Place location last week and grabbed these prints that all spoke to me.

Prints available at Restoration Emporium Leawood at Park Place

Prints available at Restoration Emporium Leawood at Park Place


Taking the hangers I just open them and stuck each print in and then voila! Art for my walls. This would be a super fun thing for Mom. Maybe even just using some of your own art or old family letters etc. YOU can do this one. 

The Joanna inspired part of this blog post is using a tutorial from Jo.  We sent our prints to the local office store to print on some linen paper. We picked up everything else from a hardware store. The finished product is amazing. (We aren't surprised I mean Joanna's a design rockstar people!) Here is the finished product and a few pictures of us crafting. The link to the full tutorial from Magnolia is below. 

Take some time this weekend to share some creative interaction with a friend or family member. Celebrate and Restore. 

All the best,


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