Finding a Space that Inspires You

Written by Mallory from Funky Refurbished

About 5 months ago, my family and I moved back into our first home after having tenants living in it for close to 5 years while we lived abroad. Needless to say, it needed (and still needs) a lot of work. Nearly every square inch of our home needed to be updated, painted, or furnished starting with refinishing our hardwood floors. With two kids and two pets, and busy schedules that never seem to end, we do what we can when we can. 

But friends, with some coffee, determination, and taking advantage of those occasional spare hours, I'm glad to say that we're almost done with our den/office. Our dreamy den with a fireplace and wood beams still needed some TLC including a fresh coat of the most beautiful navy blue paint I've seen around. We have more planned for this room, but at least I have one side finished and it has become my favorite corner in our entire house. I simply love the fact that I get to gaze at it when I'm working at my desk. 


My main focus in this area was addressing the need for it to be multi-functional. I needed it to house our piano (since no other room in our home could), but also serve as a space that inspired me while I work on my business. So when Restoration Emporium asked me to be a guest-blogger about a Magnolia Home accessory, aside from the slight panic attack that follows me being asked to write anything, I knew exactly what item I was going to choose to write about.   

This memo board is fantastic and beautiful on its own, but even more so with complementary pieces. I love the balanced mix of metal and warm honey-toned wood. You can honestly use this board for pretty much anything like hanging messages, pages of music, pictures, cards... whatever. I almost don't want to cover it because it's so pretty, but, I will because I am a visual learner and I feel more inspired when I can see all my ideas in front of me. I guess that is why they say creative people tend to also be very messy people (which is why no other rooms in our home have been photographed for this post). I also love that this piece is timeless and can adapt with the latest trends or whatever mood I happen to be in on any given day. 

I have a few more fun things I want to add in this corner, like some fun hanging pots with succulents, or a cute little beaded light fixture. But all-in-all, I am happy with how it has turned out. I love that I get to see this corner every day from my desk. Right now, I am enjoying all the greenery and cute mismatched pots to put them in. It just feels so springy which cannot get here soon enough.   

I truly believe that if you have a space that you love, then it will be a space that inspires you to create. I know mine does!