So Long Winter!

Anyone else ready to bring all the bright and beautiful colors into your homes after this absolutely ratchet winter we have been handed? I truly believe in the power of the home. When we make our spaces with the characteristics of: happiness, peace, love, and rest those are the emotions we will feel when we go into them. While I have felt the pain of being cold for too long as well I have decided that right now my home needs more of the happiness aspects brought in. You might be asking yourselves right now, “wait how am I suppose to bring the word happiness into my home without just writing it on the walls.” Now don’t you worry at all, that’s my job to show you just exactly how to make your homes a space of true happiness.

Bright, Beautiful, Fluffy Pillows


Forever and always I stand by the idea that a good pillow can the bow to tie any space together. Pillows have the power to be any size, texture, and color so therefore picking the perfect pillow for any room has high importance. For today though we want to work with happiness, and that is why I chose these new Cotton Vintage Kantha Quilt Lumbar Pillows. They give me all of the Boho, earthy feel that connects me back to the spring elements that I feel that I am currently missing during these extended winter days. These are soft to the touch due to being made with cotton material. Their bright colors combined with the encouraging designs bring touches of joy into the home with one simple swoop. I would recommend adding it to any couch, bed, or oversize accent chair. Each one can vary in design depending on which part of the quilt used when making your specific pillow.

Attention Grabbing Artwork


Sometimes when the earth doesn't give us the flowers and green trees that we desire so, we have them into our homes to remind ourselves there is a light at the end of the cold tunnel. The easiest way to do this is with artwork that tells you of the nature that you already love. At RE we have so many unique artwork options, but these are a couple of examples of how flowers can bring a sense of peace into any space. Flowers are the reminder that no matter what we are experiencing in our lives, we can always trust the flowers to be beautiful. I always bring a sense of floral into every room that I design. Your artwork is easy to switch out seasonally when you buy pieces that are the same sizes of what you might already have hanging in your room. Now there is a freedom to change out prints whenever you are ready, and not feel that you are making a life long commitment to the art hanging on your walls.


Face Planters

I enjoy decorating with face planters mainly because they always make me giggle when you think about how the plant makes them have super cute hair. Planters are an obvious way to bring life into your home because you are quite literally adding living breathing plants into your space. With face planters, it's not just a standard pot that has no personality; with these, you can have a playful aspect that you don't always get with other options. If you are someone that is scared of killing the greens in your home, have no fear! We have some of the most realistic faux plants that I have ever seen. Now you can have the joys of plants in your home without the fears of having to deal with a potential plant death. Choose your face that makes you giggle the most today and bring some real life into your homes!