Our Team


Chrysalyn Huff


Annie Huff
Visual & Brand Design

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Jeff Huff
Founder/Junk Hunk


Suzanne Baus
Store Manager

-Not Photographed-

Kelly Presley
General Manager

Carole Havlin
Director of Finance

RE Vendors

Every RE: vendor brings something truly unique to the market. They are passionately creative people. The vision for what RE can become is brought to life by its vendors; their creations, their co-working relationships, and the value they bring to the customers.


At any given time, RE has more than 50 dedicated and creative vendors. People who push themselves. People who don’t necessarily create the same things this month that they created last, meaning each of your visits will be a new treasure hunt. RE: works hard to make the stores special and that means being unique compared to other stores in the Kansas City area.

With access to onsite storage and workshop space, the vendors are able to fully embrace the life of “pickers.” Collecting furniture, or pieces of furniture from auctions, garage sales, flea markets, or wherever their picking takes them. Though sometimes unsure of what these pieces may become they soon unravel into treasures as they are sanded, painted, and hammered into amazing one-of-a-kind heirlooms.

There is a waiting list of hopeful RE vendors. If you too would like to be considered for any upcoming vendor opening, please email us photos of your work, and contact information.

RE Junk Hunks

We hear it all the time—“I really want that but how will I get it to home?” We’ve got you covered! Our Junk Hunks can help you move items from the store to your car. We can also help you set up delivery if your car is just a little too small.